Terms and Conditions for the Hole in One Eligibility

How to qualify for one shot at the $200,000 Hole in One on Sunday October 10 2021. 

  • While using the driving range players have the opportunity to receive a Golden Ball through the automated system. 
  • A minimum of 20 golden balls will be inserted at random into the hopper. 
  • Each participating team in the ‘Play with the Pro’s’ event on the October 1, will be allocated one Golden Ball per team. 
  • Each team to select the individual representative who will participate in the Hole in One hit-off. 
  • Players on the driving range who receive a ‘golden ball’ are requested to NOT hit the ‘golden ball’. Please return the ‘golden ball’ to the golfpro shop where player details will be registered. 
  • The ball will be held by the golf pro shop until the Hole in One event. 
  • The right to participate applies only to the registered player and is not transferable. 
  • The golden ball must be the ball used in play at the Hole in One hit-off on October 10. 
  • Participants will be advised an approximate hit-off time for the Hole in One hit-off on October 10. 
  • Players not present within 30 minutes of the nominated tee time will not be eligible to participate
  • The minimum distance is 130 metres tee to pin. 
  • No practice shots are allowed. 
  • If there is more than one winner of the Hole in One hit-out, the prize of $200,000 will be shared.